Fan-Xue Chang


Player: Terri
Character: Fan-Xue Chang
Character Archetype: Old Master
Juncture: Modern
Wealth: Working Stiff

Concept: This martial arts master isn’t some sweet old granny.
Quote: “You want soft hands? Go back to your mama!”

Melodramatic Hook: Fan-Xue wants to find the villain who had her brother killed and avenge his death

Background Story:

Physical Description: A short, lithe, older woman who has brown eyes and dark hair with streaks of silver.


BODY [Bod]
Move [Mov]
Strength [Str]
Constitution [Con]
Toughness [Tgh]: 5

CHI [Chi] 10
Fortune [For]
Kung Fu [Fu]
Magic [Mag]

MIND [Mnd]
Charisma [Cha]
Intelligence [Int]
Perception [Per]
Willpower [Wil]

Agility* [Agl]
Dexterity [Dex]
Speed [Spd]: 6


Defense 15


Wound Points
Impairement: -1 @ 25 / -2 @ 30
Death checks @ 35+ wounds

SKILLS (Base+Bonus = AV)
Arcanoware Device* [Mag]
Creature Power* [Mag]
Deceit [Cha] 7
Detective [Per] 7
Driving [Dex] 7
Fix-It [Per] 7
Gambling [For] 7
Guns* [Dex] 7
Intimidation [Cha] 7
Intrusion [Agl] 7
Journalism [Int] 7
Leadership [Cha]: 11
Martial Arts* [Agl]: 16
Medical [Mag69 / Int] 7
Police [Per] 7
Sabotage [Dex] 7
Seduction [Cha] 7
Sorcery* [Mag]
Info [Int] / Calligraphy: 15
Info [Int] / Chinese Philosophy: 15
Info [Int] / ____________________
Info [Int] / ____________________

Shticks (Cost/ Shots, Notes)

Chi Flow Perception: Base damage with a punch or kick is 10.

Willow Step (Willow): Spend 1 Chi and 1 shot to gain +2 Defense against non-Martial Arts attacks until next keyframe.

King on the Water (Willow): In a fight under the adverse condition Torrential Rain, spend 1 Chi and 0 shots to gain a +2 Immunity Bonus until end of fight or end of condition.

Prodigious Leap (Welcoming Sky): Spend 1 Shot to make a horizontal, vertical or diagonal leap of up to 28m. Also costs 1 Chi, if your current Chi is less than 2.

Aerial Pushaway (Welcoming Sky): When an enemy misses you with a Martial Arts attack, spend 1 shot to fly up to 14m backwards, away from your enemy. Regain 1 spent Chi point.

Flying Windmill Kick (Welcoming Sky): Spend 4 shots to make a Martial Arts kick attack. If the attack hits, you may make another kick attack on the same opponent at 0 shot cost. You may continue doing this until an attack fails.

Ominous Flutter (Welcoming Sky): Spend 1 Chi. Until the end of the fight, any attack you immediately precede with a Prodigious Leap gets a +1 bonus.

Friend of Darkness (Ninja): When attacking an opponent for the first time in the current fight, treat opponent’s Toughness as 4.

Dark’s Soft Whisper (Ninja): Make any attack completely silent. On a Guns attack, describe yourself using a silencer.

Tired Bones: Make a Difficulty 7 Constitution check whenever you take damage during a fight. Each time you fail, your Defense drops by 1, and stays that way until end of fight.

Weapons (Type, Damage, Conc, Capa, Reload, Notes)

Staff: 9/7/-


Lovely, sharpened silver letter opener


Fan-Xue Chang

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