Mr. Lo Pan's Office Building

Andre Marco (Eric) and Wang (npc) going to the office building of Mr. Lo-Pan
Gracie and Eddy wait outside

Wang needs to get his fiance, Mao Lin, back

Fan-Xue (Terri) works on the 20th floor (one of three of Lo Pan’s Secretary’s secretaries)
There are no windows on the 20th floor – strange

All 3 of the Storms show up (Thunder, Lightning, Rain)
Thunder escorts the guys to the elevator, Fan-Xue follows

Elevator goes too far down, into a hallway made of iron, floor walls ceiling
doors that line the walls have 10 female slaves – we free them
Last door at the end of the hall has 9 men in sashes that are similar to ones worn by Wing Kung secret society with machine guns
Thunder and a big orange furry monster with huge teeth
Thunder tells them to kill us then leaves through the door on the other side of the room

Fight Scene – Andre takes on the orange monster, Wang and Fan-Xue take out mooks
Fan-Xue takes down the monster in the end with 3 Flying Windmill Kicks

As we all exit through the lifted door – Fan-Xue makes a rude gesture and says “This is my resignation!”

Eddy comes up to us and asks if we’ve seen Gracie. She apparently went after us and got captured, we have to leave and go to Egg-Shen’s place

Egg-Shen’s spice shop

Apartment, commodore 64, dead cop guy

Artificial Intelligence – note that said do not turn on – Andre turned it on previously then off

Drink this potion to attune
“How do you feel?” Egg-Shen
“Spicy.” Andre

We’re all attuned now

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